Luggage Locker universal 2019

A front  box with room for everything. Great for travelling, but also when you’re actually on holiday. 
Features flexible compartments to make it easy to organise everything just the way you like it. Perfect for storing pegs, cables, gas cylinders, coolbox and other essentials you need easy access to.



Special Details

Lockable, giving you peace of mind when leaving your valuables locked inside. 
Max. load 40 kg. 
Fits all Camp-let models with brake from 2007 onwards, and all Camp-let models without brake from 2019 onwards.

Fits these models

Passion, Dream, Camp-let Classic, Camp-let Classic North, Camp-let 2GO, Camp-let Adventure, Camp-let Apollo, Camp-let Apollo Lux, Camp-let Basic, Camp-let Basic+, Camp-let Concorde, Camp-let North, Camp-let Premium, Camp-let Royal, Camp-let Savanne

Some models only fits from - / - until

Royal (2007 - ), Savanne (2007 - ), Concorde (2007 - ), With brake



External dimensions
Length back ~145 cm, 
Length front ~125 cm
Depth 50 cm
Height 55 cm
Max load 40 kg

Interior dimensions
142 cm wide at the back and 121 cm wide at the front.
Height inside back is 51 cm without base plate - with base plate 34 cm.
Height inside front is 27 cm without base plate - with base plate 10 cm.
Interior depth is 47 cm.

Depth (cm)


Height (cm)