Ventura Air Trinus W400

Travel with air is both simple, spacious and fast in a Trinus W400 Due to the amazing light panels in the roof and spacious living area the Trinus W400 is the perfect travel air porch for the whole family.

Well-known IsaLite materials and unique features creates the best posible outdoor adventure. The draught excluder Air tube connects the porch to the caravan effortlessly and the small front canopy creates a very spacious feel to the Trinus W400.

Support poles and advanced air system make the Trinus W400 very stable and reliable as your true travel companion.


  • Depth: 260 cm
  • Removable/fold-down panels: Front and side panels
  • Light panels in roof
  • Pumps up easily

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Advanced Air Tube system with patented coupling modules to ensure proper attachment and easy adjustment and replacement. 

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