100% quality = 100% Danish hygge - A characteristic of Isabella

Isabella is all about quality down to the smallest detail, with emphasis on functionality and durability. Isabella’s unique patented solutions designed to make campers’ lives easier have come about through experience and expertise, passed on down the generations. We believe that strong, hard-wearing materials, modern design and an exclusive finish are the icing on the cake when you want to relax and enjoy some downtime in your outdoor living room. It’s 100% Danish hygge. 

Exceptional materials

Isabella uses only the best materials, made by the world’s leading suppliers.

Isacryl is a spinneret-dyed (i.e. the fibres are dyed), textured-weave, durable acrylic material. Isacryl has the highest achievable fade-resistance thanks to the pigmentation method. The density of the weave plus the impregnation all the way through minimize water ingress. Nevertheless, Isacryl is a breathable material, which facilitates the best possible indoor climate in the awning.

Lower panel – PVC is an ultra-durable, 100% waterproof material that is easy to clean.

Window – Polyester The window foil is the best available on the market. To reduce the effect of the sun’s rays, We use a UV-absorbing window foil and, in some models, a matt foil is used for maximum privacy. A foil capable of withstanding extreme temperatures is used in awnings designed for winter use.

Roof The roof of Isabella awnings are made of durable, UV-resistant polyester, which protects you from the sun’s UV rays when inside the awning. The roof fabric itself is treated with three layers of breathable acrylic. Moisture is thus absorbed more easily, reducing condensation in the awning. The dirt and water repellency of the material restricts the accumulation of dirt.

The inside of the roof is patterned, providing a pleasant indoor environment and reducing the visibility of dirt.

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