Gl. Klitgaard Camping 

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In the middle of the Danish nature you will find Gl. Klitgaard Camping, one of the country's most breathtaking campsites.

With its unique location next to the roaring North Sea, the site offers one of the most idyllic beaches, perfect for days filled with activity and relaxation.


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Here you will find Gl. Klitgaard Camping

Riding holidays on Icelandic horses

For horse lovers, Gl. Klitgaard Camping offers unforgettable experiences with Icelandic horses.

Do you dream of galloping along wide sandy beaches with the wind in your hair, or do you prefer a quiet ride in the dunes? Whatever your preference, Gl. Klitgaard Camping has the right experiences for you.

Both beginners and experienced riders will find something for them here, and the youngest can look forward to enjoyable trekking tours in the unique nature of Northwest Jutland. 


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TimeOut tent:

Our tents aren't just tents - they're small luxury homes in the middle of nature.

Imagine waking up on a raised wooden floor in a full-height tent, enjoying your morning coffee from your own coffee machine while you take a seat at the dining table - either inside the tent or on the covered terrace.

With space for up to five people, a well-equipped kitchen with fridge, crockery, cutlery and much more, our tents are ready to make your camping vacation special.

And to top it all off, Gl. Klitgaard Camping also offers a charming mini zoo and an inviting heated pool.


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