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All A-measurements are indicative.

Please note that any change to the total weight of the caravan may alter the A-measurement.

What is an a-measurement?

A-measurement is the length from the ground, through the rail of the caravan to the ground (about 30 cm to the side). This is easily measured with a string (see sketch).

G10 - A675, A700, A725, G12 - A750, A775, G13 - A800, A825, G14 - A850, A875, G16 - A900, A915, A925, A940, G18 - A950, A962, A975, A989, G19 - A1000, A1015, A1025, G20 - A1050, A1075, G21 - A1100, A1125, G22 - A1150, A1175, G23 - A1200, A1225