Isabella: Quality is Within the Details

It is the smart and thought out details that ensure simple operation and ease of use. It is also the thoughtful details that ensure long durability. An Isabella awning is an investment that can be used holiday after holiday and retain its sales value. 


DropStop ensures that water does not get in at the front legs of the roof of your awning. DropStop is a small sealing ring that is fitted in the grommets of awnings from the Isabella factory.  

Reinforcement patches

Reinforcement patches minimise wear and tear on the fabric and ensure your awning lasts for many years by making the fabric extra durable. These small reinforcement patches prevent accidental damage where tension and pulling occurs. They are placed in all critical locations, such as the corners on the inside of the roof.

Storm patches

Storm patches allow you to extra secure your awning in case of stormy weather or if you are a permanent camper and need your awning to be tensioned further. These small storm patches are placed in several locations on the awning.

Coated edge bindling

Coated edge bindling are used at all joints, such as windows, and this coating ensures better UV resistance of the edge bands. The extra coated strips do not only provide a neat finish, but they are also easy to clean and minimise the risk of mould growth. 

FixOn screwless caravan bracket

The FixOn screwless caravan bracket ensures that you can tension the roof pole without drilling holes in your caravan, preventing moisture and water damage in the caravan. The bracket is attached to a FixOn profile that is an integral part of the awning, allowing you to position and move the roof pole as needed.

Se video with FixOn screwless caravan bracket


The inner skirt, also known as an awning draught skirt, protects the awning from water and draughts. It is placed in the inside of the awning and a moisture membrane, such as a tarpaulin, is placed on top. The tarpaulin should stretch 7-15 cm up on the sides of the awning to ensure that water is channelled under the tarpaulin and not into the awning. 

IsaFlex rubbers

IsaFlex rubber pegging points ensure that your awning or sun canopy is always tightly tensioned and that wind draughts in the awning do not damage the fabric. Easy to replace in case of an accident.

Double connection wing

The double connection wing is designed to ensure that the awning has a completely tight connection to the caravan. This prevents draughts, wind, and rain from entering the awning.

Heavy-duty zips

All Isabella awnings are equipped with the best zips on the market. They are both strong and durable. The covering of the zips prevents water penetration. Our zips have counted teeth, allowing you to fit an annex on both the right and left side of the awning. 

Adjustment straps in the corners

The adjustment straps in the corners of the awning help you adjust the distance to the ground and tension your awning correctly. These adjustment straps ensure tight tensioning - even on uneven terrain.

Regulator straps in the front

The regulator straps on the front legs help tighten your awning and regulate the height of the awning on uneven terrain. The foot of a front leg is equipped with a spike and two points to lock the foot strap in place, ensuring your awning is properly tensioned.


Hercules is the perfect tool designed to tighten your awning. It ensures that your awning is correctly tensioned, extending the life of your awning by distributing the load evenly everywhere. Hercules fits all Isabella frames. 

Ventilation options

All Isabella awnings are designed with plenty of ventilation options. It is important that you use them - both in the front and in the sides. This reduces the risk of condensation and gives you a good indoor climate in the awning.

Isacryl and colour fastness

The tent fabric in all Isabella awnings is made from Isabella's Isacryl material. Isacryl is a fibre-dyed acrylic material in a strong quality that provides the highest achievable colour fastness. You can compare it to cutting a cucumber and a carrot in half. The cucumber is green in the outer layer and whitish in the centre, while the carrot is orange all the way through. The Isacryl is like the carrot. This means that the colours in your Isabella awning are UV-resistant to the sun's rays and therefore remain intact for many years. 

Isacryl and high density

The tent fabric in all Isabella tents is made of Isabella's Isacryl material, which is impregnated throughout, providing a high level of waterproofing and ensuring that rainwater will “bounce” off the surface. 

Isacryl and breathability

The fabric in all Isabella awnings is made from Isabella's Isacryl material, which is a breathable material to help reduce condensation and provide the best possible indoor climate in an awning.

Roof material

The roof material is made from a mix of polyester and PVA, so condensation on the inside of the roof is minimised. PVA absorbs moisture and delays condensation problems. On the outside, the roof is coated with 3 layers, making the roof easy to clean and resistant to dirt and UV rays.

T-Rex bracket

The T-Rex locking bracket fits Zinox steel frames (22/25 mm) and with its powerful bite, it locks completely and without the need for subsequent adjustments. Compared to wing screws, T-Rex is very easy to open and close. In addition, the bracket is equipped with an aluminium pin that cannot rust and ensures a long service life.

Isafix bracket

The IsaFix locking bracket fits Isabella CarbonX lightweight frames. The bracket gives you an easy and efficient way to stretch the frames. With one press of the handle, a discreet "click" tells you that the IsaFix locking bracket is fixed. These brackets leave no marks on the bars when they are fixed.  

CarbonX frames

Isabella has developed CarbonX lightweight frames for travelling campers because they are strong and lightweight. We are proud to be the only manufacturer of lightweight carbon fibre frames for camping. All CarbonX frames come standard with Isafix locking brackets to ensure easy and efficient tensioning of the frames. 

MegaFrame frames

MegaFrame are extra strong steel frames (28/32 mm) with welded corners and double screw lock. Perfect for permanent campers who need high stability all season long. MegaFrame poles are available for larger caravans (A-dimension 950/G18 and larger).

Windows and temperature

The windows of an Isabella awning can withstand temperatures as low as -28°C. In fact, Isabella winter awnings and year-round Villa awnings can withstand temperatures as low as -38°C. This means you can use your awning in winter without the windows breaking. 

Windows and carvings

The windows on an Isabella awning are cut out twice. First, the windows are pre-cut. After 5 days, the windows will no longer contract, and the windows are now cut to size to ensure they fit perfectly. 

Curtains are printed through

The curtains in the awning are printed through to ensure a neat finish on both sides, so you can turn the curtains any way you want. In addition, the curtains are specially impregnated to protect against dirt and mould.

Cover stitch sewing method

The way an Isabella awning is sewn is unique and gives the roof a tight and strong seam. Using the cover stitch method, Isabella sews the seams in four layers in the fabric, which prevents water from penetrating the seams. Every day, the needles on the roof sewing machines are changed to ensure that the needles are not too worn so that the seams in the fabric do not become too large.

Sewing thread

At Isabella, the sewing thread consists of a polyester core that is wrapped in cotton. This means that the first few times it rains, the thread absorbs moisture and swells, which helps to seal the seam.

Random sampling

Random samples of awnings from the warehouse are regularly checked in Denmark to ensure that Isabella quality is maintained. Any faults discovered are always rectified before an awning is sold. 

Own design department in Denmark

Isabella has its own design and development department in Denmark. At Isabella, we take pride in constantly developing and improving our products. Whether it is the invention of a new type of frame or a screwless caravan bracket, our innovations over the years have improved the quality and user-friendliness of awnings and camping equipment.

Quality controls in production

Every awning undergoes several quality checks to ensure the high Isabella quality. The supplier checks the fabric before despatch. At Isabella's factory, the fabric is checked again during assembly and any faults are cut out. Each seamstress also performs their own checks to ensure that everything is in order. In addition, intermediate controls are carried out when larger parts of an awning are sewn. Every day, one awning is randomly selected and set up for further inspection. Finally, a final check of the awning is performed when it is packed. 

Made in Europe

Isabella awnings are designed in Denmark and all raw materials are produced in Europe, which ensures short transport distances. Isabella strives to produce with European raw materials and cooperate with European partners for reasons of logistics, stability, and quality assurance.