Storage & bags

Isabella has a large selection of organizers and bags that can help you to keep track of your gadgets when you’re camping.

Chair Bag for 2 chairs Furniture

Chair Bag for 2 chairs

This bag stores 2 Isabella chairs.
Cooler Bag Feel Free Storage

Cooler Bag Feel Free

It has two opening options, two cup holders, a storage net and a shoulder strap. It can either be zipped open, opening the entire lid, or opened through a hatch in the top. 
Cupboard Corner Storage

Cupboard Corner

With 2 shelves and fixed top. 
Cupboard Double Storage

Cupboard Double

With 3 shelves and fixed top. With storage bag
Cupboard Single Storage

Cupboard Single

With 3 shelves and fixed top. With storage bag. 
Double Door Cabinet Storage

Double Door Cabinet

Robust storage cabinet for your permanent pitcher. This cabinet is made from a robust material that is able to withstand changing weather conditions. 
Drawer Organizer for Double Door Cabinet, Grey Storage

Drawer Organizer for Double Door Cabinet, Grey

Keep your things neat and tidy. The Drawer Organizer comes with 4 spacious drawers and can be placed inside the Isabella Double Door Cabinet.

Luxury travel bag Storage

Luxury travel bag

This chic and spacious bag offers plenty of storage. 
Organizer High Accessorie

Organizer High

With Organizer High, you can keep all those little holiday items controlled.
Shoe organizer Storage

Shoe organizer

The shoe organizer makes it easier to keep track of your family’s footwear, e.g. on a camping holiday. 
Shoe rack Storage

Shoe rack

Foldable shoe rack can be folded up and packed away in the bag provided.
Table Cover 165 x 98 cm Furniture

Table Cover 165 x 98 cm

Look after your table. Avoid scratching your camping table when you’re on the road by storing it inside the Isabella table cover.
Toilet Bag Mercury - Grey (in box) Storage

Toilet Bag Mercury - Grey (in box)

The bag can be hung up. It has a watertight zip and plenty of pockets to keep all your toiletries together. 
TopOrganizer Storage


Top Organizer™ is a practical storagenet that can be hooked onto extra roofrafter poles (also available as optionalextras).
Trolley Storage


Practical trolley for transporting luggage, camping furniture and the like. 
Wardrope Storage


Spacious wardrobe with shelves and clothes rail. You can easily join wardrobes together for more space.