Isabella Full awnings (A-Measurement)

A True Classic for Your Caravan

Isabella A-measurement awnings are the ideal choice for your caravan, known for their precise fit and outstanding quality. These awnings are a favourite among campers looking for both comfort and functionality. When it comes to getting the best camping experience, an A-measurement awning from Isabella is the perfect choice.

Our range includes solutions for both large and small caravans, so you can always find one that fits your caravan perfectly. They are perfect for both permanent and touring campers looking for a comfortable and spacious solution.

Current Full Awnings for Caravans

Full awnings fit easily into the entire tent rail of your caravan. The A-measurement refers to the length from the ground, through the tent rail of the caravan and down to the ground, approximately 30 cm on both sides. It is easily measured with a string.  Find the exact A-measurement awning that fits your caravan with our A-measurement finder.

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Current full awnings

What is a Full Awning?

Full awnings are a true Isabella classic and a favourite among many campers. The A-measurement refers to the distance between the bottom of one side of the caravan, through the tent rail and down to the bottom of the other side. This ensures that you get a completely tight fit against the caravan. A-measurement awnings follow the full length of the caravan for maximum comfort and space. This accurate A-measurement is a reliable way to ensure the best possible fit and makes the awning easy to fit along the entire tent rail of your caravan. An A-measurement awning is tailored to both large and small caravans, making them perfect for both permanent and touring campers looking for a comfortable and spacious solution.

Did you know that it was Isabella’s founder Søren Odgaard who revolutionised the camping industry back in 1967 with the introduction of the A-measurement system for awnings? The system was designed to standardise the measurements of awnings and is still widely used in camping today.

Why Choose Full Awning?

A-measurement awnings from Isabella are designed to cover the entire length of your caravan from front to back. They come in different lengths to fit any size caravan and are measured in centimetres so you can find the exact size that fits your caravan. These awnings take a little longer to set up than regular awnings, but it is worth the effort when you plan to stay in one place for a week or more. Proper setup ensures maximum space and comfort when you are camping.

Find the Right Size A-Measurement Awning for Your Caravan

Isabella has created a smart size guide on our website to find your caravan's A-measurement. Simply select your caravan model and year from our list. You will then be shown your A-measurement and can see which Isabella awnings are suitable for your particular caravan. If you cannot find your caravan in our A-measurement search, or if you want to measure it yourself, you can easily do it yourself. The A-measurement is the length from the ground, through the tent rail of the caravan to the ground (approx. 30 cm out to both sides). It is easily measured with a string. See how to find the A-measurement yourself in our video guide here. Do you already know the A-measurement of your caravan? Then you can easily search directly for your A-measurement and find awnings here.

What Materials are A-Measure Awnings Made of?

The fronts and sides of most A-measurement awnings are made of the fibre-dyed material Isacryl, which means that the colours of the awning will not fade over time in the sun. Isacryl is a breathable fabric, which provides an optimal indoor climate in the awnings. Isacryl is also impregnated, so the awning fabric is easy to clean, and rainwater will “bounce” off the surface. At Isabella, we use only the best materials to ensure that the awnings are UV-resistant, durable, and easy to maintain, which guarantees a long service life.

Convert Your Full Awning into a Sun Canopy or Veranda

Customise your full awning as needed! Many of our A-measurement awnings can easily be converted into a large sun canopy by unzipping all sides and fronts. Or with the smart veranda poles included in several models, you can easily create a cosy veranda by partially unzipping the front.

Accessories for Your Full Awning

Do you need more space, more shelter, more porch area or just more cosiness? At Isabella, you will find a wide range of camping accessories for awnings. From design to functionality, we have taken every detail into account to make being a camper extra easy. Upgrade your caravan awning with an annex if you need extra storage or sleeping space in connection with the awning. If you need protection from the sun and rain, a canopy by the door or windows might be just what you need? Isabella also has a wide range of sun canopies if you want to take a break from the sun and enjoy a good shaded area.

Tips for Your Full Awning

Putting up an awning can be a challenge, especially if you are new to camping. With more than 60 years of experience, Isabella have gathered a lot of knowledge about awnings that we are happy to share with you.

Get our best advice and guidance on everything from pitching to maintenance here.

Which Frame Should I Choose?

Isabella awnings can typically come with three different frames, so you can find the frame that best suits your needs, whether you are a permanent or travelling camper.

  • Zinox: These strong steel frames (22/25 mm) with T-Rex locking fittings combine strength and weight, making them suitable for both permanent and travelling campers.
  • CarbonX: These lightweight frames are perfect for travelling campers as they are both strong and lightweight. Isabella is proud to be the only manufacturer of lightweight carbon fibre poles for camping.
  • Zinox MegaFrame: Extra strong steel frames (28/32 mm) with welded corners and double screw lock, ideal for permanent campers who need high stability throughout the season. These poles are available for larger caravans (A-measurement 950/G18 and larger).

Cleaning Your Awning

To keep your awning clean and in good condition, vacuum or brush it when it is dry. Then wipe the tent fabric with a damp cloth. Windows can be cleaned with IsaClean Window and wiped with the supplied microfibre cloth. For major cleaning, IsaClean All-Year can be used and IsaClean Season is recommended at the start and end of the season. Finish by impregnating the tent fabric with Aquatex for extra protection.