Porch Awnings from Isabella

Flexible and Practical Solutions for Your Caravan

When you are looking for a flexible and practical solution to extend the living space of your caravan, a porch awning from Isabella is the perfect choice. Unlike full awnings, which cover the entire length of your caravan, porch awnings only attach to part of the tent rail, making them easier and quicker to set up and take down. Porch awnings fulfil many needs and are perfect for both touring and permanent campers who want extra space and a lighter solution than the large A-measurement awnings.

At Isabella, we offer a wide range of porch awnings so you can find exactly what suits your needs and your caravan. Whether you need extra space for storage, comfort, or a cosy place to stay dry, we have a solution to match your needs.

Get inspired below by our different sizes and designs and find the perfect porch awning for your next camping trip.

Current Porch Awnings for Caravans

Roll-out canopy awning

What is a Porch Awning?

A porch awning is a smaller and more flexible type of awning that attaches to only part of the tent rail of your caravan. Unlike A-measurement awnings, which cover the entire length of the caravan, porch awnings only cover part of the length, making them easier and faster to set up and take down. A porch awning gives you the flexibility to position it on the part of your caravan's tent rail where you want it. They are ideal for travelling campers and shorter trips where you want to add some extra space without the need for a full awning. Several of our porch awnings can also be used year-round.

Why Choose a Porch Awning?

Dreaming of a flexible and effortless camping experience? Then a porch awning is the perfect choice for you. With its great flexibility and ease of pitching, it offers several benefits that make it a popular choice among campers. It is particularly ideal for those who frequently change campsites or go on short trips, and the many options for accessories make it easy to fit your needs.

High Flexibility and Easy to Set Up

First and foremost, its flexibility is a big advantage. It only covers part of the caravan's length, allowing you to position it exactly where you want it on your caravan's tent rail. A porch awning is easier and quicker to set up and take down compared to a larger A-measurement awning, making it ideal for those who frequently change campsites or go on shorter trips.

The Obvious Choice for Travelling Campers

The low weight of a porch awning makes it easier to transport and store compared to a larger full awning. Our Magnum Etna and Minor Dawn porch awnings both come with CarbonX lightweight frames, which are perfect for travelling campers as these frames are both strong and lightweight. Isabella is proud to be the only manufacturer of lightweight frames with carbon fibre for camping.

Ideal Solution for Winter Camping

Another advantage of porch awnings is their versatility. Several of Isabella's models can be used year-round and come in different sizes. For winter camping, we recommend the Universal and Winter models. Both models are made with a special roof angle to prevent build-up of snow on the roof and both awnings have specially designed window foil that can withstand extreme freezing temperatures (down to -38°C) without the windows cracking. Prevent your winter awning from collapsing in heavy snow with a winter securing kit from Isabella. This kit provides extra support for the roof if snow falls and settles like a heavy duvet on the roof.

Upgrade Your Porch Awning with Accessories

Do you want more space, more shade or extra comfort for your porch awning? At Isabella, we offer a wide range of camping accessories for your awning. From elegant design to practical functionality, we have thought of every detail to make your camping experience as comfortable as possible. Upgrade your porch awning with an annex for extra storage or sleeping space. If you need protection from the sun and rain, a canopy by the door or windows can be the perfect solution. Isabella also offers a wide range of sun canopies so you can enjoy the shade on hot summer days.

Cleaning Your Awning

To maintain your awning's cleanliness and good condition, start by vacuuming or brushing it when dry. Next, use a damp cloth to wipe down the tent fabric. For cleaning the windows, apply IsaClean Window and use the provided microfiber cloth. For more intensive cleaning, IsaClean All-Year is suitable, while IsaClean Season is recommended at the beginning and end of the season. Finally, protect the tent fabric by applying Aquatex for extra durability.