– The ultimate awning
for year-round camping

NEW! Now in two different depths: 3 metres and 3.70 metres

Design your own dream villa

Villa is the awning for people who want to stay at the same place year after year, and who don’t want to set up an awning and take it down again every season. It is designed to remain standing outside and offers great stability in harsh weather.

Villa is a freestanding tent that will stand on its own when you drive the caravan away. You’ll experience the freedom of being on the same campsite year after year while having the option to detach the caravan and go exploring.


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What can you choose?

VILLA is available in two depths, five lengths and can be built up using different modules. So many options let you design your own dream VILLA. 

1)  Choose the depth and length of your VILLA
2)  Choose the front panels you want 
3)  Choose how you want to combine them (this is done when setting up)
4)  Decide whether you want to expand with a tunnel (VILLA 300 only) and a covered porch

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Put together your very own Villa

Create your dream VILLA with exactly the length, front and equipment you want. Depending on how much space you need, you can choose between the VILLA 300 with a depth of 3 metres or the VILLA 370 with a depth of 3.70 metres. 


Try the VILLA 300-configurator here

Try the VILLA 370-configurator here