Time for Life


To help those, who do not have the same opportunities as others, to have a break from everyday pressure and dreariness. 
To give them the opportunity to spend time together as a family - give children the environment to just be kids and to allow parents to be present in the moment. 

In 2013, we decided to start the project “Time for Life” to assist disadvantaged families with children, to have the opportunity to experience the joy of a holiday - and naturally for us camping equals a vacation and relaxation. Last year, a number of families received support from “Time for Life” thanks to the sales of the specially made “Time for Life” bracelets.

Now we have made a new item for this purpose. A set of four mini-booklets for children (age 3-7 years) with stories about a little girl, called Isabella, who is going camping with her parents. The stories tell of some basic rules e.g. how to behave on a camp site and in other aspects of life, but told in a way that suits small children.

With this in mind, we decided that these stories should be illustrated by children so that it could be viewed through a child’s eyes. We chose the NOVA-school in Vejle, where the head office of Isabella is situated. The NOVA-school is elected to be a profile school of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, which means that the school involves companies in their projects within these main fields. The 5th grade was chosen to do this assignment, and their enthusiasm and energy put into this project has been simply amazing!
You can buy Time for Life mini-booklets for £3.50.




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