Windscreens for Motorhomes and Caravans

A windscreen is an indispensable accessory for caravans and motorhomes, designed to create a barrier against wind and sun. At the same time, it creates a private and cosy area at your campsite where you can sit in privacy. The windscreen is not only functional, but it also provides an aesthetic addition, making your camping holiday both comfortable and stylish.

Isabella offers a wide range of windscreens, all supplied with frames, including rater poles, guy ropes, pegs, and the unique Stabilo-system that ensures stability when the ground is soft and wet.

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What Windscreen Should I Choose?

At Isabella, we understand the importance of finding the perfect windscreen to match both your needs and your camping style. Whether you are a permanent or travelling camper, we offer windscreens that are both flexible and easy to angle the way you want. See Isabella's different types of windscreens below:

Mini Windscreens

Windscreens that measure approximately 63 cm in height, so an adult can easily step over them without the need for a gate or loophole. These windscreens are perfect for enclosing toddlers and dogs. Gives you a clear view to look out over the campsite. Mini windscreens are available in the same colours as Isabella's standard windscreens height, so you can combine mini and standard windscreens together. See 3-sided mini windscreen here.

Standard Windscreens

Windscreens that measure approx. 130 cm in height. These windscreens provide excellent shelter from the wind and provide a screen enclosure so you can sit undisturbed. Supplied with standard steel frames. See e.g. Isabella's 3-sided Granite windscreen here.

Lightweight Windscreens

Lightweight windscreens measuring approx. 110 cm in height and comes with Isabella's lightweight frames with carbon fibre. Perfect for travelling campers due to its low weight. See, for example, Isabella's 4-sided Coast windscreen here. Isabella also offers lightweight windscreens with net material. These windscreens shield you from the wind, but you can still see what is happening around you. See the 4-sided Ventus windscreen with net here.

Flex Windscreens

The flex windscreen measures 140 cm in height and consists of 3 sections in length as standard. You have the option of expanding your flex windscreen endlessly with extra sections that are easily zipped into your existing windscreen between 2 sections wherever you want.

Mega Windscreens

The mega windscreen measures 120 cm in height and is perfect for permanent campers. Here we have taken the extra heavy-strong steel frames and tent fabric from our classic permanent awnings and used them in the windscreens. The MegaFrames give the windscreen high stability in rain and wind. If you want to create a cosy patio around your windscreen, you can use the included top collector that makes it possible to connect several Mega Granite windscreens together. When you need to get in and out of your private oasis, you can buy a matching gate for the mega windscreen here.

Enclosure for Children and Pets with a Windscreen

Isabella's windscreens for motorhomes and caravans gives you a safe and manageable space at the campsite. It is perfect for keeping small children and pets within sight, allowing you to relax and enjoy your holiday without the need for constant supervision. A windscreen is therefore ideal for families who want a safe campsite where toddlers can move freely without worry.

Materials and Maintenance of Windscreens

Most Isabella windscreens are made from the fibre-dyed material Isacryl, so the colours of the windscreens will not fade over time in the sun's rays. Isacryl is impregnated, so the windscreen is easy to clean, and rainwater will “bounce” off the surface. Some windscreens are made of polyester material. For general cleaning, the windscreens can be vacuumed or brushed when dry and then wiped over with a damp cloth. For more thorough cleaning, it is recommended to use IsaClean cleaner, for example at the beginning and in the end of the camping season.

Stabilo system: The Solution for Soft Ground

All Isabella windscreens come with the practical Stabilo-system, which consists of small plates that are placed under all frames and on top of the ground spikes. These plates help stabilise the windscreen by distributing pressure over a larger area, preventing the frames from sinking if the ground is soft and wet. These Stabilo-plates can also be used under the front frames of your awning.