7 tips for preparing your Camp-let for spring

The birds are singing and trees are budding. Spring is here and we're itching to go camping again. To help you get started, we've put together our top tips for getting your Camp-let ready for spring.

  1. Check the air pressure in the tyres (optimum air pressure is written on the tyre)
  2. Apply appropriate lubricant to all pivot points (handbrake, pull handles, hinges)
  3. Check all lights on the trailer when connected to the car.
  4. Make sure that the crank for the support leg and the centre piece are inside the trailer.
  5. Check the pegging rubbers on the tent. Replace them if perished or damaged.
  6. Lubricate zips with Aquatex
  7. Open the tent and check for moisture in the cushions and inner tent. Let them dry in the spring sun if necessary.