Using an A-measurement awning as a porch

How do you measure, cut and assemble an A-measurement awning as a porch?

It is important to ensure that measurements and cuts at the bead are correct when fitting an awning as a porch. Follow these three steps.

  1. To calculate the ideal awning size, we recommend measuring from the point on the rail where the awning will run down the side of the caravan. It’s best to find a point where the awning is clear of windows, lockers, etc.
  2. Measure the rail height on the caravan using a tape meaure. Measure at a slight angle, like the side panel of an awning, from the ground and up to the rail. This is typically between 242 and 250 cm.
  3. Spread the awning out and measure from the rear corner of the awning in the middle of the mud flap, approx. 12 cm below the bottom seam, and up along the rear edge of the awning up to the bead in the roof to the point where the awning is to be cut. Cut the awning according to your rail height measurement.
    It’s best to use a diagonal cut so that you don’t cut across the stitching. You should only cut the thick part of the bead. (As shown in the guide)

What you need to buy:
The only things you need to buy are a support pole with a foam rubber pad (900000083), 2 x Double click profile and a little Safelock (900060040) to lock the bead at the rail.

Attach the Fix Onbracket right at the very top of the cut at the roof. The pole then forms an edge on the roof all the way out.
For better pressure on the support pole, you can fit a “veranda pole” with clamps at both ends – just over the side panel from the support pole and out to the corner.
Turn the click profiles inwards so that the roof is tensioned as effectively as possible before pushing the pole in towards the side.