All about zips

What should you do if the sliders are worn and the zip is stiff?

Isabella only uses spiral zips in its awnings. These allow the sliders to move smoothly even on the corners, and they move a lot more freely without catching on the teeth. Unfortunately the sliders have a tendency to wear, particularly on the Penta awnings as these are typically permanent pitchers and most people use the same door.

What should you do about worn sliders?
The sliders are easy to replace, so you don’t need to replace the entire zip. This can be done by removing the panel – you will then have two sliders on the awning and two on the loose panel.
The sliders can now be slid right off the other end of the zip – there’s nothing to stop them coming off. Do the same on the other panel. You can then swap the sliders around so the unused ones are used for the door, while the worn ones are used for the zip that’s hardly ever used. This will make sure your sliders stay serviceable for many years. It’s important to make sure the sliders are facing the right direction.

Is your zip stiff?
If you’re having problems with your zips, it’s a good idea to check whether your awning is set up correctly. Never use force if you can’t get a zip closed. Try moving the corner pegs if the zip seems stiff. This generally helps. Never lubricate the zips with oil, tempted though you may be. If you have to lubricate your zips, we recommend applying AquaTex reproofing spray once or rubbing them with a piece of paraffin wax.