Cleaning an awning in winter

Rain, wind, snow and slush!! At this time of year, pay extra attention to frequent cleaning.

During the winter months, your awning will almost never dry out due to moisture in the air. That's why extra cleaning is important. Inside and out.

On the outside, it's a god idea to keep algae and the like down. To do so, use lots of water and a soft brush to wash the fabric as often as possible. Preferably every week.
From April to the end of September you can extend that period to about every three weeks to minimise dust, pollen, sea spray etc. in the fabric.

Cleaning the inside is an equally important part of the cleaning process. Dust circulates around the awning and settles on the roof. Vacuum the tent roof with a brush nozzle, and wipe off with a damp cloth. We recommend doing this weekly.

In the run-up to the winter months, it is especially important to clean the roof.  A combination of dust and moisture is a major contributor to mould growth.
If you have an inner roof in your tent, it is still important to clean the roof.

Cleaning inside and out helps to extend the life of the awning.

Three easy cleeaning steps using water and a brush