How do I pack up my awning? 

Follow our five steps to pack up your awning properly.

Packing away your awning is one of those tasks that can give you grey hair. Luckily, there are lots of good solutions where the awning is separated into as many parts as possible, and there are various ways to put them all together again.
Most Isabella awnings are packed up complete with the sides and side panels zipped up. This makes sure your awning is assembled when you want to put it up.

NB: Your awning should be as clean as possible and entirely dry before you pack it away. 

Five easy steps to packing your awning away

  1. Lay the roof on the ground/carpet with the inside facing inwards so as to protect the roof coating. 
  2. The side panels are pulled out to the sides and then folded into the middle. 
  3. The awning is then folded across a few more times until it fits the awning bag. 
  4. The awning is then rolled up from the front and towards the back edge so that the bead (which might be a bit dirty because of the rail) is on the outside. The awning then fits nicely into the bag.
    Winter awnings and Universal awnings are packed away in the same way.
  5. The poles are cleaned and dried. It’s important to remember to clean the moving parts so as to make sure that grains of sand aren’t trapped. Then place them in the pole bag – it’s generally easier to insert the angles and cross poles first and leave the straight poles until last. 

This is how we pack an awning, but of course there are other ways of going about it. We have the greatest of respect for caravanners who fold the roof separately and pack up the window sections with cotton sheets between them in order to protect the windows and prevent imprints from the zips.

The best way to protect the windows is to roll up the side panels loosely on a cardboard tube, with sheets between them. This is most relevant to permanent pitchers who only pack away their awnings once a year and don’t worry so much about the additional volume.