How to lay an IsabellaFloor

How to lay an IsabellaFloor in three easy steps.

When you spend a lot of time inside your awning, it’s nice to have a floor that’s flat and level.

IsabellaFloor offers many advantages. It’s easy to assemble, and you don’t need tools. The floor elements are provided with locking pins and are assembled like a building block system. They are easy to store and will last a long time. Another advantage of IsabellaFloor is that you can buy sloping pieces and corners – not only does this give a beautiful finish, it’s also very practical for wheelchair users or pushchairs, for example.

  1. Spread GroundCover™ beneath the entire awning. Make sure your GroundCover™ extends about 30–35 cm beyond the awning walls. This will prevent dirt splashing up onto the sides of the canvas.
  2. Lay the IsabellaFloor modules in staggered rows. Start in the left-hand corner and lay the floor tiles along the length of the caravan. Start every other row with a half IsabellaFloor tile. (You can interlink the floor modules for the most robust solution, as shown in the video. However, you need a saw for this)
  3. If the depths of the awning and the tiles aren’t the same, use a saw to adjust the tiles.

See also the Isabella flooring concept “Layer upon layer” 

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