What type of frame should you choose?

Follow our guide and find out which type of frame you should choose for your Isabella awning, sun canopy or annex. 

CarbonX™ fibreglass frame

Designed for everyone who travels and therefore needs a frame that weighs as little as possible and is easy to handle. The CarbonX frame is a carbon fibre-reinforced fibreglass frame with IsaFix locking brackets. The IsaFix locking bracket helps you to tension the frames of your awning easily and efficiently. All you have to do is press the handle once – a discreet click will tell you that IsaFix is secured.

Zinox™ MegaFrame

The Zinox MegaFrame is designed for permanent pitchers who need high stability throughout the season. MegaFrame is a strong steel tubular frame with welded corners and crosses, geared to withstand heavy storms, snowfall and heavy rainfall. The frame is particularly suitable for permanent pitcher and seasonal camping and is especially good for providing stability in large awnings such as Commodore, Penta and Forum. MegaFrame is supplied with MegaFix locking bracket, which is a hand-tightened screw locking bracket for tensioning the frames.

Zinox™ steel tube frame

The Zinox steel tube frame can be used for touring holidays and permanent pitcher camping. The steel frame is a cheaper alternative and an excellent substitute for CarbonX and MegaFrame.
For touring holiday camping, the Zinox is a somewhat heavier frame to carry, but still easy to handle because it has T-Rex locking brackets that secures the frames with a single push of the handle.

The Zinox steel frame is also suitable for permanent pitcher and seasonal camping. The frame consists of the same material as MegaFrame, but is narrower in diameter and has corners and crosses in moulded plastic. The Zinox tubular steel frame is particularly suitable for off-season camping, and therefore also the frame you will find in our Universal and winter awnings.