Use of impregnation

If your awning is leaking, the problem can usually be fixed using AquaTex special reproofing spray

Minor leakage at seams (NEW AWNINGS)

The thread used in our awning tents is impregnated. The thread therefore expands after being exposed to rain two or three times, and the holes from the stitches close. Until then you may experience minor leakage at seams. 

When using AquaTex reproofing spray, it’s important to make sure your awning is thoroughly dry and clean before you start the impregnation process. Applying new reproofing spray to old deposits won’t help.

Impregnating the inside
You should normally apply reproofing spray to the inside of the awning as there’s generally not as much dirt on the material here that the reproofing spray would have problems sticking to.

If the material is leaking, the AquaTex special reproofing spray should penetrate through and work on the outside as well. If the material is very dry, you may notice some discolouring on the outside after impregnating the inside of your awning. But remember, it’s important to clean the awning before impregnating it, especially inside – and especially if you smoke a lot inside the awning. Nicotine can often be seen on the inside of the material. Nicotine breaks down impregnation, and it’s impossible to impregnate over nicotine.

Always carry AquaTex with you
In any case, it’s a good idea to always carry a can of AquaTex reproofing spray with you when you go camping. It can help you resolve many of the problems you may encounter. For instance, if you find it difficult topull the awning along the rail, just take out your reproofing spray and give the rail a quick squirt all the way round – the awning will then slide freely.

AquaTex reproofing spray is also ideal for lubricating zips and removing oil stains and suchlike. And of course, it can also be used to impregnate your shoes. All in all, it’s a pretty good investment for your toolkit.