Using gas heating in the awning 

Follow our advice on what you should do to remove dirt from your gas oven.

In common with nicotine and cooking odours, catalytic gas heaters can give off a substance that settles on the awning and provides perfect conditions for mould and mildew growth. In addition to heat, the burning of gas in catalytic heaters produces around 1.6 l water per kg gas. During combustion, a sticky sulphur/hydrogen compound develops from an unburned tracer (a sulphur compound added to the gas so that you can smell leaking gas). When all the steam and “stickiness” condenses (particularly on the underside of the roof), it forms a breeding ground for algae, dirt and dust to stick to – resulting in mildew.

How do you remove the dirt?
Plenty of hot water and a medium-stiff brush will remove 90% of the grease, after which it can be treated with Aqua Tex special impregnation. The best way of preventing this is to use an original Isabella inner roof. That said, washing the roof in your awning is always a good idea even if you’re using an inner roof.