Veranda pole for ventilation

Would you like more ventilation inside your awning on a hot day? Use the veranda pole supplied.

When it’s hot outside, you can use the supplied veranda pole at the front of your awning to provide more ventilation. NB: Veranda poles can be purchased for all Ventura awnings.

How to create a veranda solution
All standard Isabella awnings have removable side and front sections that can be folded up. You can use the veranda pole supplied to let the front and the side panel halfway down – this is also known as a “veranda solution”.
To create the veranda solution at the side panels, use the small, triangular flap sewn into the side canvas right next to the caravan. It’s important to close the curtains so that the window film doesn’t come into contact with the veranda pole. A cover to place over the veranda pole is also available, if you think this would be easier. Additional veranda poles are available as optional extras if you need them.