Winter storage

It’s important to store your awning correctly so as not to damage the awning and poles.

You must store your awning correctly when it’s not in use. Otherwise you could damage the awning and poles. Instructions:

  • First and foremost, your awning must be completely clean and dry before you pack it away. If your awning is wet when you take it down, hang it up to dry for two or three days. It must be 100% dry when you place it in the bag. This will prevent it going mouldy.
  • Ensuring that it’s completely dry before you pack it away is also important as a way of avoiding rust on the frame.
  • If you’d really like to look after your awning, you can remove all rubber grommets before winter storage and dispose of damaged or brittle grommets. It’s too late to do this when a grommet has come off.
  • The awning should be stored in a dry, ventilated place that’s not too warm.   

Remember! It’s a good idea to have any awning damage repaired before you put it away for the winter. That way, your awning will be ready for next season and you won’t have to wait to have it repaired. Find out more about our Service Centre here