Terms and conditions 
for Camp-let Try before you buy

It is your responsibility to make sure that all the people who use the Camp-let are properly instructed in its safe and correct use and they are in possession of the instructions supplied by us.  If in the unlikely event of an accident or damage please notify us immediately.

If damage is caused to the Camp-let the deposit may not be refunded. It is your responsibility, as Hirer, to inform your own Insurance Company that you intend to use your car for towing as the third party risk in respect of the Camp-Let must, by law, be covered by the Insurance Company of the vehicle that will be towing the trailer tent. 

The hirer shall not:

  • Tow the Camp-let at a speed in excess of the legal limit.
  • Allow the Camp-let to be towed by any person other than those named on the hire agreement and who possess a current, valid driving licence.
  • Lend or hire the Camp-let to a third party.

Isabella reserves the right to:

  • To refuse a hire to any person without explanation or prior warning should unforeseen circumstances dictate.
  • Substitute another Camp-let or cancel the hire in the event of a Camp-let being returned damaged resulting in it’s unsuitability for hire.
  • The late return by a previous hirer.

It is the hirer’s responsibility to book a campsite, bring 3rd party trailer insurance copy and a valid number plate for the vehicle towing the Camp-let along with you for collection.

Maximum period of hire is 4 nights in the UK.

Items -will be provided and checked in and out, along with inspection of the trailer.

A fire blanket and extinguisher are included for your safety.

Any problems /damages should be reported to Isabella at the earliest opportunity. 

Whilst we have included the basics to get you started – we have not included food, towels, clothing , bed linens and many kitchen items that you may need if you are planning on cooking extensively.

Cancellation Policy
Occasionally things occur that are beyond your control and we understand that.

If you cancel with:
    >7days  before the start of your booking - full refund.
    < 7days  - 90% credit.
    < 48 hours notice from start of booking, unless the booking is postponed/rearranged all will be refunded apart from £50. 

If you have  purchased a new Camp-let from one of our four Camp-let dealers within two months of hire, you will be refunded the hire charge.  Isabella will refund (if everything is returned without damages),  once you have provided a copy of the receipt/order and  voucher code (this will be issued when your hire is completed). 

The amount will be refunded (minus any damages) onto the original payment card.