Key benefits

Material: Front in Isacryl, beautiful colour fast, fibre-dyed acrylic. Side panels and roof made in coated polyester and lower panel is PVC for easy cleaning.

Details: The front panel can be removed or drawn. The ventilation net window feature in the right hand side panel has a zipped foil cover.

Frame: Lightweight combination of Aluminium and CarbonX fibreglass. Adjustable roof poles. Screwless FixOn II- brackets.

Optional extras for assembly: Annex 220, storm securing set.

Total weight incl. frame: 30,8 kg

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Tips for maintenance

  • Vacuum or brush awning off when it is dry. Subsequently, wipe with a damp cloth.
  • Windows can occasionally be sprayed with Aquatex reproofer, and then immediately wiped with a dry cloth (max. twice a year).
  • For larger cleaning, IsaClean can be used. Aquatex should be used afterwards for reproofing.

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Front illustration
4,2 metres

Side illustration
2,4 metres

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