10 useful tips for when your awning needs packing away for the winter

Autumn is here, and perhaps like so many others you should have cleaned your awning and packed it away. It pays to clean and inspect your awning thoroughly when packing it away for the winter. We’ve put together 10 useful tips for you.

Tip 1.

Check the awning before taking it down, as it's easier to spot rips, worn stitching, and broken straps while the awning is still open. 

If you find small holes, you’ll need our Repair set A for acrylic or Repair set B for PVC

Tip 2.

If there are visible blemishes, make a note or take a photo to make it easier to locate for repair, and remember that repairs should be done in the autumn, not in the spring just before the Easter break. 

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Tip 3.

It’s easiest to rinse your awning thoroughly a few days before taking it down, and if necessary use the Isabella IsaClean range for washing and cleaning the windows. 

Check out our guide on how to clean your awning with IsaClean. 

Tip 4.

Choose a good day with dry weather and not too much wind to take the awning down. 

Tip 5.

Remove the curtains, and all the rubber straps right the way round. 

Tip 6.

Pull up and clean all the pegs. Discard any that are broken or bent. 

Order new ones here.

Tip 7.

If you want to be extra careful with the removable sides and fronts, remove and carefully pack them separately, preferably with sheets in between.

The best way is to roll them on a carpet tube, again with sheets in between, then you’ll see how beautiful the windows are in spring. 

Watch our video guide on packing up your awning 

Tip 8.

Spread the roof out on the grass, preferably with the inside facing out to protect the outer coating. Fold the front and sides into the awning, fold from one side in sections and finally roll it up from the front, so that the beading is on the outside of the roll. 

Tip 9.

Store the awning in a well-ventilated place, or pack it in its bag with all the accessories and store it somewhere well-ventilated and mouse-proof. 

Tip 10.

Check all frames and dry them so they are not put away together wet.

Such care will ensure your awning is ready for a new season, and you’ll have peace of mind knowing everything has been checked and is in order for the upcoming season.