Calculate the floor area in your awning

Awnings are frequently wider inside, next to the caravan, than they are at the front. That’s why it’s a good idea to know the floor area before buying carpet or any other flooring.

The floor area of awnings tends not to be completely square, as the awning is often wider by the caravan than at the front. So here’s our recommendation.

When you buy a carpet, we recommend following the g-measurement of your awning. The perfect fit is achieved when the awning is quite “pointed”, as the tensioning of the roof depends on the oblique lines. If, on the other hand, the front of the awning is too wide, the awning will often stick out over the caravan – particularly at the rear, this will often cause large folds, mainly due to the fact that most caravans tend to be severely vertical and have a sharp curve.

If you’re interested in laying a wooden floor inside your awning, more information is available here.

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