How to build a wooden floor underneath your awning

How do you work out the ground measurements for your awning so that you can build a wooden floor underneath it?

Many people contact us to ask for the ground measurements of various awnings so that they can finish their wooden floor and then just put up the awning… If only it were that simple!

How do you work out the ground measurements?  
We can’t tell you the finished ground measurements for our awnings, because they might differ depending on the year and model. The measurements also vary depending on whether you have a tall caravan or a square caravan. A square caravan is shorter than a more rounded caravan of the same dimensions. The only measurement you can use as a basis is the length of the caravan +60 cm, multiplied by the depth of the awning. This will make sure you have enough material. However, you should expect the side panels to stick out differently on each side. 

Put up your awning before laying the wooden floor
The best way to go about things is to put up the awning before laying the wooden floor (remember to tension it well). The floor can then be fitted so that it’s within the mud flaps, and you can measure it from there. There will always be individual ways of doing this, but never allow the floor to extend so far out that it can wear the edge of the awning. Or so that water can’t drip freely down to the ground. A plateau can be built on very uneven surfaces. For proper tensioning of the awning, the caravan has to be on the floor, or flush with it, so that the tension in the rubber straps is satisfactory. 

An awning should be adjusted in relation to how the caravan is standing on the ground. When you lay a high floor in front of the caravan, you reduce the interior standing height. If the awning is to be pegged to the floor, the caravan should be raised accordingly. It’s a good idea to read through the assembly instructions supplied with the awning carefully, and to consult our assembly guide as well, where necessary.


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