IsaClean Season 1 ltr, Cleaning

Product for intensive cleaning – start/end of season



Special Details

Always begin by brushing the surface without using water. Then dampen with plenty of water and brush with a wet brush. Once it is completely wet, spray ISACLEAN directly onto the surface. Brush with a wet brush. Next, rinse with plenty of water until all residue has been rinsed off. If the surface is heavily soiled, repeat the treatment until the desired result has been achieved.
Finish: After cleaning with ISACLEAN, you will need to re-proof the awning. We recommend AquaTex reproofing spray. After spraying, it will be easier to keep the surface clean of algae and water marks, etc. 1 litre of ISACLEAN is sufficient to clean a medium-sized awning.
ISACLEAN is biodegradable
Keep out of reach of children.



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