Villa advantages

  • keyboard_arrow_rightConstruct your own personal villa with different modules
  • keyboard_arrow_rightPerfect for summer and winter
  • keyboard_arrow_rightFits all caravan sizes
  • keyboard_arrow_rightCan be used be motorhomes
  • keyboard_arrow_rightCan be used as freestander
  • keyboard_arrow_rightSpecial inclined roof

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Villa - The ultimate awning
for year-round camping

Villa a unique year-round/permanent pitching awning, available in 5 widths. Its construction has been designed with maximum stability and durability in mind. Isabella Villa is modular, and the choice of front panels mean that you can construct your Villa just as you want it.

The awning should not only be suitable for use on hot summer days, but also a good alternative when the snow is lying on the ground. Year-round use places high demands on the equipment, and Isabella Villa is composed of the best materials. The optimal sloping of the roof prevents the build-up of snow. Light is life, and the large windows and white curtains contribute to a bright, comfortable living space.

The window material can withstand temperatures down to -30°C, and Villa also comes with flaps in the fabric to make it easy to close and cover the windows as required. The deep all-round overhang limits dirt and pollution.

Isabella Villa has been designed to make it easy for you to put up yourself. Your local dealer can also advise you if you wish to have it ready-assembled. The modules are zipped together, simplifying the construction and making it easy to change the front modules without having to dismantle the entire awning. All fronts and gables are fixed in aluminium profiles – both horizontally and vertically. This gives you great stability even in harsh weather.

Villa can be used with caravans of any size, as it comes with a padded cushion against the caravan and a connecting piece between the roof and caravan. ( Isabella Villa is equipped with a padded sluice and connecting piece in the roof, so it can be used on all sizes of caravan (special adjustment may be necessary, especially on small caravans). The caravan can be attached or removed in a few easy steps, though full backing is required (extra) if Isabella Villa is to stand without the caravan.

Put together your very own Villa

Villa can be extended by as much as 34 m2. Assemble the Villa tent to fit your needs. Choose the length, the fronts and the equipment you want.


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What can you choose?

Villa is available in five different sizes and is set up using different modules. The many options let you design your own dream Villa:

1)  Choose the size of your Villa
2)  Choose the front panels you want 
3)  Choose how you want to combine them
4)  Decide whether you want to expand with a tunnel and a covered porch

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