Caravan Awnings 

What is an Awning?

Caravan awnings are not just an extra space – they are an investment in comfort and cosiness on your camping trips. An awning acts as an extension of your caravan and allows you to create a homely environment, whether you use it as a dining room, storage room or meeting place, an Isabella awning can provide you with a comfortable camping experience.

Types of Caravan Awnings

At Isabella, we offer a wide range of caravan awnings to suit all types of caravans and needs. Whether you are a permanent camper, travelling camper or simply looking for a full awning or other type of awning, we have the perfect solution for you. See our different types of awnings below:


Full awnings (A-measurement)

We offer a wide selection of Isabella full awnings, from awnings for permanent pitching to touring awnings, tailor made for caravans large and small.

See more about the full awnings here

Porch awnings

Porch awnings is a great way to add extra space to your caravan, and they are perfect for touring campers, because the are easy to put up. Many of our porches are also good for year-round camping, due to the selection of strong frames which can handle the different seasons.

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Air awnings

Isabella has two ranges of air awnings that are easy to put up and fulfil the wishes and needs of any travel-hungry camper.

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Villa - The ultimate awning for year-round camping

Villa is the awning for people who want to stay at the same place year after year, and who don’t want to set up an awning and take it down again every season.  It is designed to remain standing outside and offers great stability in harsh weather.

See more about our unique Villa awning

Isabella special measure awnings

Awnings for special caravans such as T@B, Eriba Touring, Adria Action and Bürstner Averso/premio.

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Accessories for Awnings - Need More Space or Comfort?

At Isabella, you will find a wide range of camping accessories for awnings. We value a good camping holiday and have therefore developed a range of accessory products that add an extra touch when you are away.

Camping equipment should be designed to last. It should also be easy to take with you. We have taken every detail into account - from design to functionality - to make being a camper extra easy. Upgrade your caravan awning with the accessories below:

Annexes and Storage Tents

If you need extra storage or sleeping space in connection of the awning, Isabella offers various solutions. Our annexes give you the extra space you need without compromising with comfort.

See Annexes here.

Canopies for Awnings

Isabella has a wide range of canopies, including door canopies, window canopies, and the popular Cosy Corner. Our awnings can be mounted on awnings and directly on caravans. An awning gives you extra protection from sun and rain.

Find your canopies here.

Sun Canopies for Awnings or Caravans

When it is very hot or when travelling south, it is nice to be able to bring along a sun canopy for the awning or for mounting directly on the caravan. Isabella has a wide range of awnings to suit all needs, providing shade and protection so you can enjoy the outdoors without overheating.

See the range of sun canopies here.

Fronts, Sides, and Room Dividers

Add extra comfort to your awning with Isabella fronts, sides and room dividers. Our range includes mosquito nets, partitions and front pieces to ensure a comfortable living space.

See our range of fronts, sides and room dividers here. 


Isabella curtains for awnings are carefully matched to the colours of the awning to create a harmonious look. The specially developed curtain system ensures that it is easy to put up and take down again.

Read more about curtains here.

Draught Skirts and Wheel Arch Covers

We have a large selection of Isabella draught skirts and wheel arch covers. Avoid draughts with the right cover.

See draught skirts and wheel arch covers here.

Inner Roof

An inner roof minimises condensation and is recommended for camping in the off-peak seasons.

Find your inner roof here.

Tools and Maintenance

Isabella offers a range of tools to assist you with the assembly of your awning and our recommended products for the maintenance of your awning.

Spare Parts

Isabella has a large and wide range of spare parts. Even though quality is paramount, the products contain wearing parts that may need replacing after long use or unfavourable weather conditions.

Find spare parts for awnings here.

Tips and Tricks for Awnings

Pitching an awning can be a challenge, especially if you are new to camping. With over 60 years of experience, we know a lot about awnings, and we are happy to share our top tips and tricks for everything from pitching to maintenance. Dive into our tips and tricks here.

Choose Between Three Types of Frames

Most Isabella awnings are available with three different types of frames, making them suitablefor both permanent and touring campers. See what type of frame you should choose.

  • Zinox - the strong steel frames (22/25mm) with T-Rex locking fittings. Combines strength and weight so they can be used by both permanent and travelling campers.
  • CarbonX - lightweight frames for travelling campers because they are strong and lightweight. We are proud to be the only manufacturer of lightweight carbon fibre frames for camping.
  • Zinox MegaFrame - the extra strong steel frames (28/32 mm) with welded corners and double screw lock. Perfect for permanent campers who need high stability year-round. MegaFrame are available for larger caravans (A-dimension 950/G18 and larger).

How to Clean you Awning

Vacuum or brush the awning when it is dry. Then, wipe it with a damp cloth. Windows can occasionally be cleaned with IsaClean Window and then wiped with the supplied microfibre cloth. Occasionally, IsaClean all-year can be used for major cleanings and IsaClean season at the beginning/end of the season. Finally, Aquatex can be used for proofing afterwards.

Accessories for your awning

Comfort is key to a good camping holiday. At Isabella, we have developed a range of equipment specially designed for outdoor life with a focus on design, functionality and smart details. 

Find the equipment you need right here

Useful tips and tricks 

What should you be aware of when putting up an awning? Or, what are the best tricks for long-term maintenance? With more than 60 years’ experience behind us, we know a thing or two about awnings, and we’d like to share that knowledge with you.

Find lots of tips & tricks here