Air awnings

The Perfect Choice for Modern Camping

Air awnings have become a popular choice among campers who want easy and flexible pitching without compromising on quality and comfort. At Isabella, we offer a range of air awnings designed to make the camping experience as comfortable as possible.

When you choose an air awning, you get an awning with all the well-known Isabella qualities from good materials to timeless design. Check out the air awnings below and discover your favourite at your local camping dealer.

Current Air Awnings for Caravans

What is an Air Awning?

An air awning is a type of awning that uses inflatable air tubes instead of traditional steel or fibreglass frames. When the air awning needs to be inflated, you can pump air into the entire awning from one valve and the air will automatically distribute itself. When it is time to let the air out again, you can open all the valves so that the air tubes are emptied of air more quickly.

Our Isabella Air Cirrus is 100% air-based, which means you do not have any fibreglass frames at the wrap-around canopy or at the caravan. Our Ventura Air Dove and Ventura Air Vivo are mainly air-based but have a single fibreglass frame to keep the canopy stretched tight.

Air awnings are known for being robust and resistant to wind and weather, while offering the same stability and durability as conventional awnings. At Isabella, we offer air awnings that combine smart technology with our renowned quality and design, ensuring you an optimal camping experience.

Why Choose an Air Awning?

When you choose an Isabella air awning, you get a number of benefits that make your camping experience more comfortable and flexible. Our air awnings are designed with a focus on easy pitching, lightweight and smart solutions that ensure stability and durability. Here are some of the key benefits of choosing an Isabella air awning:

  • Easy set-up and take-down: Air awnings can be quickly inflated using the included air pump. You avoid the hassle of dealing with heavy frames and complex assembly systems. All Isabella air awnings have a minimum of 2 valves so you can quickly let the air out of the air tubes again. Watch our video guide for assembling Isabella Air Cirrus. Curious how to pitch a Ventura Air Dove air awning? Watch the Ventura Air Dove pitching video guide here.
  • Lightweight: Air awnings are generally lighter than traditional awnings, making them easier to transport and handle when travelling. Perfect for travelling campers. 
  • Sun canopy and porch: Customise your awning to suit your needs! Our air awnings can easily be converted into large sun canopies by unzipping all sides and fronts. Want a porch solution? Add our smart veranda tubes and create an outdoor porch when you zip the fronts halfway down.
  • Stability: Despite their lightweight construction, air awnings are incredibly stable and can withstand the elements, giving you a safe and stable living space in all weather conditions.
  • Innovative IsaAir air system: Isabella Air Cirrus is equipped with the IsaAir air system. This means that if an air tube leaks, you can easily shut off the air circulation at the leaking tube and maintain air circulation in the rest of the awning.
  • Unique height system: Ventura Air Dove is equipped with a unique height system that allows the air awning to be adjusted to different heights to perfectly fit your caravan with a tent rail height between 245 and 270 cm.

Accessories and Maintenance for Your Isabella Air Awning

To enhance the comfort and functionality of your air awning, Isabella offers a comprehensive range of accessories for air awnings. Our optional extras include veranda tubes that allow you to create cosy outdoor areas and annexes that add extra storage or sleeping space. Sun canopies protect from the sun, while the thermal loft improves insulation and comfort inside the tent. We also sell an air pump (included as standard equipment) if your pump is broken or lost. Whatever your needs, you'll find the right air awning accessories at Isabella.

To ensure that your air awning stays in good condition and looks good, it's important to maintain it regularly. Start by vacuuming or brushing the tent fabric when it's dry to remove loose dirt and dust. Then use a damp cloth to wipe the surface. For cleaning the windows, IsaClean Window is recommended, which should be wiped with the supplied microfibre cloth to avoid streaks and stains. For a more thorough cleaning, IsaClean All-Year can be used, while IsaClean Season is ideal for cleaning at the beginning and end of the camping season. Finish by impregnating the tent fabric with Aquatex to protect against moisture and extend the life of the awning.