Casa permanently pitched awning 

– the flexible, durable solution for year-round camping

Do you have a dream location? If so, we have the perfect awning that you can use all year round

Our Casa is the ideal awning for you if you’ve found your dream campsite and would like to pitch there permanently, but still want a flexible solution with a classic awning and a permanent extension. Casa even allows you to disconnect your caravan from the awning and take it on the road with you. The robust aluminium structure and sturdy PVC materials make this awning really robust and allow it to survive all kinds of weather.

Casa is the very epitome of flexibility. Combine the individual modules, 120 cm wide, however you choose – at the front, ends and back of your awning. Casa gives you the opportunity to design your very own awning to suit your needs. And what’s more, you can replace individual elements as you go – if you want to move the entrance, say, or insert an additional module. 


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