Benefits of Casa 

  • keyboard_arrow_rightAll modules can be combined freely, however you choose
  • keyboard_arrow_rightDepth 240 cm (274 cm incl. roof pitch) – suitable for most pitches
  • keyboard_arrow_rightReinforced PVC canvas ensures a long service life and is easy to maintain
  • keyboard_arrow_rightStrong aluminium structure makes it perfect for year-round camping 
  • keyboard_arrow_rightFits all caravan sizes
  • keyboard_arrow_rightAssembly service available 
  • keyboard_arrow_rightMany ventilation options create a good indoor climate  

Casa – the flexible, sturdy permanently pitched awning

Casa is designed to withstand conditions all year round. This makes stringent demands of the design and materials used for the awning, which has been designed with maximum stability and durability in mind.

All fronts and ends are fixed to aluminium profiles – both horizontally and vertically, so guaranteeing you superb stability in unstable weather. The front modules, side modules and roof are made from reinforced PVC - an extremely durable material that guarantees a long service life for your awning.    

Combine modules however you choose

To achieve maximum flexibility, Casa is made up of a simple modular system so that you can shape your awning however you want it. The modules can be combined in an infinite number of ways – at the front, ends and back of the awning, and at the partition walls. It’s even possible to create a covered terrace where you can sit and enjoy light summer evenings or frosty winter mornings.

All the modules are easy to assemble and remove without moving the load-bearing elements. This means you can alter the design and function of your awning whenever you like. Every module is 120 cm wide, and there are six different variants to choose from: 

  1. Door with porthole
  2. Closed window (can’t be opened)
  3. Window with mosquito net (can be opened)
  4. Wall module (fully closed)
  5. Verandah module (top half open)
  6. Entrance module (open access to verandah)

The Casa permanently pitched awning is available in four different widths. The internal depth of the awning is 240 cm. However, it requires a total depth at the roof, incl. roof pitch, of 274 cm.

The difference is in the detail

The Casa awning has lots of carefully considered details that make camping comfortable in both summer and winter.

  • A sloping roof prevents snow accumulating.
  • A modular 4-edge aluminium “skeleton” designed to withstand high loads.
  • The window material can withstand temperatures as cold as minus 30.
  • High-quality PVC… made in Europe (free of harmful substances).
  • A deep roof overhang all the way round to protect the sides and prevent them getting dirty.
  • Ventilation under the roof and at the sides ensures good air circulation.
  • All elements can be moved and/or replaced even after being fitted
  • External window blinds on all window modules to help ensure privacy 

Fits all caravans

The Casa awning is connected to your caravan using two padded cushions and a connecting piece between the roof and the caravan. This means that the Casa awning can be used on caravans of all sizes (although it may be necessary to make special adaptations for small caravans).

The connection to the caravan can be removed and refitted easily, and you can easily move the caravan up to or away from the awning as required.  So Casa can stand on its own, with no caravan at all! But for this, you need a back wall module (optional extra).



The Casa awning has to be assembled on a firm base. The floor should be 10 cm high.

The precise dimensions are dependent on the size of the awning:  240 x 360 cm, 240 x 480 cm, 240 x 600 cm, 240 x 720 cm.

We recommend that you get someone from our national assembly service to help you (not flooring).

Contact us or your dealer for more information.

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