Annex Isabella North 250

Annex North and Grey are tall annexes offering maximum height. Here, you have a choice of a CarbonX or a Zinox frame. 

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Recommended For

Travel, All Seasons

Fits these models

Ventura D250, Forum Etna, Commodore, Ambassador, Ventura D300, Capri, Prisma, Magnum 340, Magnum 400

In doubt about which type of frame to choose? Look under Tips & Tricks in the top menu.

Frame options

Strong Zinox tubular steel frame with T-Rex locking clamp
CarbonX fibreglass frame with IsaFix locking clamp

Roof fabric

Isaroof 285 g/m2 - Ultra-durable UV-resistant polyester textile, treated with three layers of breathable acrylic.

Base Material

PVC 380 g/m2

Side/Tent Material

Isacryl 295 g/m2 - particularly breathable material



Width (cm)


Depth (cm)


Weight incl CarbonX / IXL (kg)


Weight incl Zinox / Prenox (kg)




Assembly Guide

Maintenance Advice


Vacuum or brush awning off when it is dry. Subsequently, wipe with a damp cloth.

Windows can occasionally be sprayed with Aquatex reproofer, and then immediately wiped with a dry cloth (max. twice a year).

For larger cleaning, IsaClean can be used. Aquatex should be used afterwards for reproofing.


Accessory for these products

Commodore North G16 /440 Averso P 2010-2017 Tent

Commodore North G16 /440 Averso P 2010-2017

Depth: 300 cm
Commodore North is part of the North colour concept, i.e. subdued colours with clear references to Nordic nature. Large panoramic windows make Commodore a pleasant place to be, with a unique inflow of light. 

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Inner Tent Darkgrey 200x140x165 cm Accessorie

Inner Tent Darkgrey 200x140x165 cm

The perfect sleeping compartment for the kids or guests. Made of a dark grey material to keep the light out. To create the best conditions inside the sleeping compartment, there’s a mosquito net and pvc floor. Great ventilation, and minimum rising damp. 

Annex 250

Seeking extra space for sleeping or storage in your awning? Isabella offers various options.

See more about the Annex 250 series