Camp-let Trailer Tents

Fifty years of easy access to life on the campsite

The name Camp-let is made up of two Danish words: “camp”, which is obviously the same as camping in English, + “let”, which means easy. The two words have been Camp-let’s motto since 1969, when the first Camp-let trailer tent rolled out of the Danish factory. Thanks to the stylish Danish design and quality craftsmanship, you can travel with your Camp-let year after year, and put it up and take it down again in minutes.

Camp-let is a compact trailer tent, which seems barely there when fixed to your car. The kitchen is mounted directly on the tailgate, and the awning and sleeping compartments are easily put up in a single action. The small, compact design has much to offer when you open it out.

You get:

  • Two sleeping compartments, to sleep a total of four people, with comfortable beds
  • The option of a built-in kitchen with two gas rings
  • A spacious living area with full freedom of movement for the whole family
  • Generous storage space for your luggage
  • The option to expand with the addition of a sun canopy, annex and outdoor kitchen solution

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Camp-let 50 year


Why choose a Camp-let?

The Camp-let trailer tent gives you total freedom on your holidays and at weekends and might just be the perfect choice for those not wishing to invest in a caravan or take a tent for a more basic camping holiday.

Camp-let versus a tent

  • + A Camp-let is easy to put up and pack away again. You don’t have to assemble poles and slide on the canvas. The living space and sleeping compartments are put up in a single action.
  • + You sleep better in a Camp-let. You don’t have to lie uncomfortably on the ground.

  • + You have more space in a Camp-let. You get 17–18 square metres of space with full headroom.
  • + A Camp-let frees up space in the boot. A family tent sleeping 4–5 people can easily take up half of the boot.
  • + With a Camp-let, you get lots of storage space for furniture, kitchenware, a gas cylinder and your luggage.
  • + You can enjoy lovely breaks with a Camp-let. When you pull in to a lay-by and want to have something to eat, simply pull out the tailgate and voilà! – you’ve got a kitchen so you can reheat yesterday’s leftovers for dinner or make a cup of coffee.
  • + A Camp-let gives you a built-in kitchen with gas rings and a water tank.
  • + You can transport the family’s bicycles on top of a Camp-let

Camp-let versus a caravan

  • + With a Camp-let, you are outdoors 24/7. You sleep outdoors, you cook outdoors, you live outdoors.
  • + A Camp-let can be towed by even the smallest of cars fitted with a tow bar.

  • + A Camp-let gives you better fuel efficiency.
  • + A Camp-let gives the driver a clear rear view.
  • + A Camp-let can easily cope with tight hairpin bends and steep hills.
  • + A Camp-let doesn’t require a trailer driving licence.
  • + A Camp-let needs less storage space. A storage bracket with wheels allows you to store your Camp-let upright to take up minimal space in your garage or carport.



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Winner Trailer Tents with Kitchen 2019

"Brilliant for summer holidays" - the Caravan Club


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Trailer Tent brochures 2018 / 2019

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Current Isabella Camp-let trailer tent models 2019    

Camp-let Passion


With Passion, you get a compact trailer tent with features such as an outdoor kitchen, sleeping compartments with blackout curtains and more headroom than earlier models. 

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camp-let dream


Dream is designed for novice campers. Dream is the family’s basic model but in a modern, updated version. The trailer tent is quick to put up and pack away again.

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Camp-let Kitchens

Camp-let Kitchens

Choice of 2 kitchen models: Deluxe & Allround

Further details

Passion sun canopy

Passion sun canopy

The Passion sun canopy is fastened to the caravan with a zipper and provides plenty of shade and extra covered space. The sides with curtains can easily be zipped on for more shelter.

Further details

Bicycle Rack

Bicycle Rack

Taking your bicycles with you on holiday is easy

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Quick setup – 3 simple steps

Three simple steps and a matter of minutes – and you’re ready to enjoy your holiday. A built in spring system means one person can open a Camp-let with no need for additional assistance.

camp-let trailer tent setup step 1

1. The built in kitchen swings out - all kitchen models can be used en- route.

camp-let trailer tent setup step 2

2. The trailer opens up. A practical spring system helps you open and close the trailer.

camp-let trailer tent setup step 3

3. The large awning and sleeping compartments open in a single movement.


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Camp-let trailer tent history

Since its inception, and up until 2016, Camp-let has been a family-owned business. In 2016, Camp-let became a sister company of Isabella under the parent company Isabella Group which, as the staff function for administration and finance, will ensure that the focus of the two companies is on development and innovation.

The first Camp-let trailer tent was fabricated in 1968 by the two brothers Hans and Poul Nissen who in 1961 together with their father Christian Nissen established the company Camping Nissen. At that time the main purpose was to sell Sprite Caravans and OKI villa tents. Before that time, in 1956, Christian Nissen had made a foldable Caravan, which he called Handy. The Handy was made at the same time at which he had a furniture factory.

The idea for the Camp-let came in the sixties when a lot of villa tents were made and sold. The tents were getting larger and larger and ended up around 30 sq. meters. At that size the tents had an immense amount of poles and took up a lot of space in the car when going on holiday. As a result more and more people had to buy a trailer to have all the camping gear. Besides that it was almost impossible to put all the poles together correctly.

Therefore it came as a breakthrough when the Camp-let was introduced on the market, because it was erected in "no time" without the use of loose poles.

The first Camp-let, the "300", was followed by a larger model the "400" which was introduced two years later in 1971. At that time the production of glass fiber had begun, and in 1972/73 the first Camp-let, the "500" as we know it today was introduced.

The idea behind the Camp-let has always been that it should be quick to erect – a smart design and that the quality has top priority. Through the years the achievement of these main targets has given us total customer satisfaction and the best trailer tent.

Since the beginning the factory has been situated in the village of Arnum in Denmark. Through the years the factory has expanded several times and today has 5000 m2.

In 1990 an expansion in production was made when we started to produce horse trailers. The idea behind the Mustang came up when both Hans and Poul Nissen, had contact with the world of horses and therefore occasionally had to rent a horse trailer. They were not satisfied with the quality and the driving ability, so they started wondering if it couldn’t be done better. As a result Camp-let started to produce horse trailers with fantastic driving abilities, high quality and beautiful designed.

Mustang Trailers

Mustang has been very successful though the years and the production has grown out of its production facilities. This resulted in the construction of a new production facility in 2004. This new facility is over 4400 m2 and placed in Gram in Denmark.

Mustang is today a independent company


The third branch of the production at Camp-let is the EURO trailer where production started in 1998. Hans and Poul Nissen had, in reality, had already produced trailers in the late 60’s - the so called CN trailer - and was at the time pioneers in the field.

Today, Camp-let is Isabella Camp-let part of the Isabella Group family. The philosophy is still the same: Make products where quality, design and functionality go hand in hand.

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