Create and customise with modular design 

Want to enjoy spring at a campsite, stay in one place all summer, or travel from place to place? With the many modular options, you can customise your Camp-let exactly to the type of holiday you’ve planned. Whether you prefer to travel light or want to stay in one place for some time, Camp-let Earth gives you the freedom to shape your stay exactly the way you want.

High ceilings and unique light

From the moment you enter Camp-let Earth, you’ll be greeted by a welcoming atmosphere. With a ceiling height of 2.25 metres, you immediately feel the spaciousness.

The large light panels in the roof invite natural light inside, creating a bright and comfortable living space. 

Dark sleeping cabins with ventilation

To ensure you get the best possible sleep, the Camp-let Earth is equipped with dark sleeping cabins with ventilation on both sides. So wherever you choose to camp, you can expect a comfortable and refreshing night's sleep.

Removable/foldable parts

Both the front and sides can be fully unzipped. A veranda pole is included so that the side can be folded down to create ventilation in the tent. 

Special details

Front centre cross provides a ceiling height of 225 cm, modules provide endless expansion possibilities, light panels in the roof, frosted window at the bottom of the sides, dark sleeping cabins with ventilation, front panel that can be rolled aside to make a door in the front. 

Supplied as standard with

Dark integrated zippered blinds, storage pockets in and in front of the sleeping cabin, veranda pole on both sides, luggage compartment under the trailer, mattresses with built-in sofa on one side