VILLA – the ultimate awning for all-year camping

The VILLA is a unique all-year/permanent pitcher tent. Its construction has been designed with maximum stability and durability in mind.

VILLA is available in two depths, five lengths and can be built up using different modules. So many options let you design your own dream VILLA. 

1) Choose the depth and length of your VILLA
2) Choose the front panels you want 
3) Choose how you want to combine them (this is done when setting up)
4) Decide whether you want to expand with a tunnel (VILLA 300 only) and a covered porch

A VILLA can be extended up to as much as 35 m2. If you want space for kitchen cabinets, washing machine, TV table etc., we recommend that you choose VILLA 370 with an extra depth of 70 cm.

Depth 300 cm. 
Length 550 cm, 650 cm, 750 cm, 850 cm, 950 cm
No. of doors: At least two.
Attachment to caravan: Padded cushion and connecting piece
Other: Ventilation in both sides. All-round overhang.

Supplied as standard 
Curtains: Cube Creme.
Villa comes with a connecting piece between the caravan and awning, two cushions, draught skirt and standard wheel arch cover. 
It also includes two 74 cm back wall sections. 

Optional extras (additional cost)
Closing back wall panel.
Inner roof.
Winter securing set (cross bar and support poles).
F-module: Closable front panel with 
mosquito net.
Villa door 
Villa tunnel

A covered porch can be set up on the left or right side. The porch measures 2 x 3 m

If you want to increase the depth between the rear wall sections from 3 m to 3.70 m, you can install a connection tunnel.  

Villa must be mounted on a solid floor with exact measurements: 300 x 550 cm, 300 x 650 cm, 300 x 750 cm, 300 x 850 cm, 300 x 950 cm. The distance from the top of the floor to the rail on the caravan must be 235–240 cm for optimal connection to the vehicle. 

Talk to your retailer or a local carpenter about this. 

Put together your very own Villa

Create your dream VILLA with exactly the length, front and equipment you want. Depending on how much space you need, you can choose between the VILLA 300 with a depth of 3 metres or the VILLA 370 with a depth of 3.70 metres. 


Try the VILLA 300-configurator here

Try the VILLA 370-configurator here