Isabella Eriba Touring

Special awning, designed for Eriba Touring caravans. 

If you own a caravan such as the Eriba Touring, you need an awning to match. Isabella Eriba Touring’s retro design reflects the design of this iconic caravan and creates a unique overall look. 
The Eriba Touring awning gives you a spacious lounge for your caravan, developed with the emphasis on functionality and detail. It’s designed to allow the caravan door to be opened fully.
You decide where to place the awning’s door and window panels (the panels can be crossed 2 and 2). Prefer large panoramic windows at the front and a door in the end? Or an entrance door in one end (end + front) with a spacious lounge area in the other? The choice is yours. 

This awning fits the Eriba Touring Troll (530/535/540/542/550/560). If you have a Triton (410/418/420/430) or Familia (310/320), you need to add an adapter panel (included in the price). The integrated roof pad ensures the awning forms a seal with the caravan, draining water away. 


  • Depth: 250 cm
  • Removable/fold-down panels: Front and side panels.
  • 2 windows with net/ventilation 
  • Custom-made awnings for Hymer Eriba Touring (Familia, Triton & Troll) 2009 ->

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