Ventura Freestander Cumulus

Freestander Cumulus is a freestanding awning, ideal for motorhomes and motorcaravans. A Freestander Cumulus expands your options while you are on your travels as the vehicle can be driven away.

Freestander Cumulus is available in two different heights. All sides and front panels can be folded down or removed and the awning has a mosquito net window with foil cover on the right-hand side. Freestander Cumulus is easy to put up and is made of maintenance-friendly coated polyester in shades of grey.


  • Depth: 254 cm
  • Removable/fold-down panels: Front and side panels.
  • Available for vehicles of heights between 170 and 250 cm.
  • Take a drive in your motorhome and let the Freestander Cumulus stay in its place

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