Atlas Mega Frame Sun Canopy

The ultimate sun canopy for permanent pitching.

The Mega Frame means that an Atlas Sun Canopy stands firm even in rain and strong winds. That’s why it’s the perfect sun canopy for the permanent pitcher. Atlas is attached to the canoppy of your awning using 3 Mega F-links.

It creates a shady terrace, doubling the area under the roof. For extra protection from the wind, right and left sides can be purchased as optional accessories. They zip quickly and easily onto the roof material. The sides come in colours matching Isabella Dawn, Etna and North awnings. 

Please note this does not attach directly to the caravan


  • Depth: 230 cm
  • Width: 446 - 746 cm
    G16 - G18, G19 - G21, G22 - G23
  • Two sides available in Dawn and North colours can be easily attached with zips (optional accessories)
  • Attached using 3 x Mega F-link.
  • Extra poles in pockets under the canopy ensure optimum tautness.

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