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The name Camp-let is made up of two Danish words: “camp”, which is the same as camping in English, and “let”, which means easy.   These two words have been Camp-let’s motto since 1969, when the first Camp-let trailer tent rolled out of the Danish factory. The current Camp-let trailer tent is a modern classic that meets contemporary needs – both on the road and on holiday. 

Fancy sleeping under the stars? Or heading off on an adventure, taking things one day at a time? A Camp-let is the obvious choice if you’d prefer not to invest in a caravan but would still like to have the freedom to head off anywhere you like on holiday. The combination of Danish design and robust craftsmanship gives you the comfort of a caravan and the freedom of a camping holiday. 

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Light, lighter, Camp-let

Camp-let isn’t just easy to tow – it’s easy to put up as well. The awning and sleeping compartments are put up easily in a single action. A Camp-let is also really easy to tow behind a car. In fact, it can be towed by electric cars and the smallest cars approved for trailer towing. 

Here’s how to set up a Camp-let – quickly and easily

Comfort and cosiness

Plenty of room for cosy togetherness

Although a Camp-let may be hardly noticeable when attached to your car, this compact trailer tent offers lots of options – and that includes cosy togetherness. No matter how many of you there are, whether you want to cook or just relax, there’s a surprisingly large amount of space – with spacious sleeping compartments, living area and space for your luggage. You also have the option to extend your Camp-let by adding an annex, a sun canopy and a kitchen. 

Camp-let: a great choice for holidays with an electric car  

Camp-let gives you new opportunities for eco-friendly camping holidays. With its low weight and minimal wind resistance, it’s a good match for camping holidays with an electric car.  But what does hooking up a Camp-let really mean for the electric car's range? We have tested this ...

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Camp-let trailer tent accessories

Original accessories and equipment for your Camp-let

Accessories are available to fit every model. Whether you need a lamp, a bicycle rack or maybe you need extra storage space - in the list below you can see the different accessories that are available for Camp-let trailer tents.

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Tips & tricks for your Camp-let

You can find good advice on how to clean your trailer tent. How to put up or take down and best maintain your Camp-let etc.

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