My Camp-let

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Travel,All Seasons

Roof fabric

Isaroof light 240 g/m2 - UV-resistant polyester textile, treated with two layers of breathable acrylic.

Base Material

PVC 380 g/m2

Side/Tent Material

Isacryl 295 g/m2 - particularly breathable material




323 x 160 x 95 cm

Width (cm)


Depth (cm)


Height (cm)


Approved Total Weight

500 kg

Load Capacity With Brakes

200 kg

Load Capacity Without Brakes

216 kg



Assembly Guide

Assembly Label Video1

Build-up video

Build-up video

Assembly Video1

Maintenance Advice

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Storage bracket with wheel Camplet

Storage bracket with wheel

With the Storage bracket with wheels, you can easily store your Camp-let trailertent in your garage or shed.
Kitchen all round Camplet

Kitchen all round

– makes it easy to cook on your trip.
Allround is a functional kitchen with everything you need to make delicious meals on your trip. The kitchen features two gas burners and a large worktop with a collapsible sink to give you room for both preparation and cooking. Under the worktop, there are two smart storage spaces for cutlery and other kitchenware.
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If you enjoy making delicious meals while you’re on the road, Deluxe is the perfect luxury kitchen for you. It has everything you need to bring out your inner gourmet chef.
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Creating more space for transporting luggage, using a simple click-on system. 
Passion Sun Canopy II Camplet

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The front quickly and easily transforms the Passion sun canopy into a fully integrated awning to create a large and comfortable space. The front has zip-up curtains with mosquito nets for good ventilation.

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Passion Kitchen Canopy

Passion comes with an outdoor kitchen as standard. The Passion kitchen sun canopy gives you the optimal outdoor kitchen solution, with shelter from the rain and shade from the sun. It has a curved front and is fastened to the caravan using the roof zipper.

Travel Annex Passion 220 Annex

Travel Annex Passion 220

A spacious extra cabin that can be fastened to either side of the caravan. The Passion annex is made from a waterproof PVC base and has a window with an integrated curtain for ventilation.
Cable kit Camplet

Cable kit

The cable kit has 3 sockets with 25 metres of heavy-duty rubber cable and bears the CE mark.


With Passion, you get a compact trailer tent with features such as an outdoor kitchen, sleeping compartments with blackout curtains and more headroom than earlier models. 

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