Assembly guides & frame drawings for Isabella Camp-let Passion trailer tent

Assembly guides, videos, frame drawings, guides and other instructions for the Isabella Camp-let Passion trailer tent and accessories are available here.


(pdf download)

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Passion_Annex_guide_A4.pdf1045 KB3/7/2019 9:53:26 AM
Passion_folding_down_guide_A4_v3.pdf5502 KB2/27/2020 3:12:00 PM
Passion_Kitchen_Canopy_guide.pdf1219 KB3/7/2019 9:53:06 AM
Passion_Sun_Canopy_MONO32 2020 V2.pdf558 KB2/3/2020 8:25:51 AM
Passion_Sun_Canopy_V3_2020.pdf561 KB2/11/2020 8:30:55 AM
R4854_Passion_setup_guide_A4_v5.pdf6051 KB7/20/2020 12:54:03 PM

How to put up an Isabella Camp-let Passion trailer tent

How do you setup an Camp-let Passion trailer tent? Find the answer here:

How to attach
to the car