Come inside the Camp-let North

Camp-let North has room for the whole family. The spacious lounge area and sleeping cabins give you no less than 18 m2 of full-height holiday accommodation.

Comfortable sleeping cabins with room for 4

This compact but spacious trailer tent sleeps 4 as standard (6 with the optional annex) in two sleeping cabins with comfy foam mattresses. Both cabins feature unique ventilation openings, mosquito nets and blackout blinds.

In one of them, you can transform the foot end of the mattress into a smart 2-seater sofa. Could become your favourite place for enjoying a cup of coffee, a good book or a fun game?

Cooking in a fully-equipped kitchen

No problem if you want to cook on holiday. On the inside of the tailgate, you can have a fully-equipped kitchen fitted, with gas burners, worktop, sink and lots of storage space.

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Kitchen All Round & Kitchen Deluxe

Practical storage 

Camp-let North conceals lots of practical storage, making it easy for you to manage all those bits and pieces. A pelmet with pockets is included for small things, which hangs in front of the sleeping cabins. There’s a practical clothes hanger between the two sleeping cabins, for coats, dresses and anything else you don’t want creased.

A spacious storage space is concealed under both sleeping cabins for larger objects. One of them is closed (with a base) and is ideal for bags and other things you want to keep dry. The other is open (no base) and is perfect for things you want to keep cool, such as drinks.

Build your own North

Would you like more sleeping compartments, more kitchen space, or maybe just enough space for an extra light? There are all kinds of options available if you’d like to create your very own dream version of a Camp-let. 

Put together your very own Camp-let