Why choose a Camp-let?

The Camp-let trailer tent gives you total freedom on your holidays and at weekends and might just be the perfect choice for those not wishing to invest in a caravan or take a tent for a more basic camping holiday.


add A Camp-let is easy to put up and pack away again. You don’t have to assemble poles and slide on the canvas. The living space and sleeping compartments are put up in a single action.

add You sleep better in a Camp-let. You don’t have to lie uncomfortably on the ground.

add You have more space in a Camp-let. You get 17–18 square metres of space with full headroom.

add A Camp-let frees up space in the boot. A family tent sleeping 4–5 people can easily take up half of the boot.

add With a Camp-let, you get lots of storage space for furniture, kitchenware, a gas cylinder and your luggage.

add You can enjoy lovely breaks with a Camp-let. When you pull in to a lay-by and want to have something to eat, simply pull out the tailgate and voilà! – you’ve got a kitchen so you can reheat yesterday’s leftovers for dinner or make a cup of coffee.

add A Camp-let gives you a built-in kitchen with gas rings and a water tank.

add You can transport the family’s bicycles on top of a Camp-let.


add With a Camp-let, you are outdoors 24/7. You sleep outdoors, you cook outdoors, you live outdoors.

add A Camp-let can be towed by even the smallest of cars fitted with a tow bar.

add A Camp-let gives you better fuel efficiency.

add A Camp-let gives the driver a clear rear view.

add A Camp-let can easily cope with tight hairpin bends and steep hills.

add A Camp-let doesn’t require a trailer driving licence.

add A Camp-let needs less storage space. A storage bracket with wheels allows you to store your Camp-let upright to take up minimal space in your garage or carport.