Ventura Air Cito W350

Elegant and curved caravan porch with great light influx. Due to big windows and double light panels in the roof the Cito W350 is very bright and spacious.

When travelling with the Cito W350 you get a safe and reliable travel companion. The unique Draught excluder air tube ensures a tight fit againist the caravan. Double beading makes it possible for the Cito W350 to be attached on both caravans and wind-out canopies on motorhomes.

The unique features in the Cito W350 model give you the best posible outdoor experience


  • Depth: 260 cm
  • An Air tube along the side of the caravan stops draught and connects the porch completely to the caravan
  • Double light panels in roof
  • Suitable for both caravans and motorhomes

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    Advanced Air Tube system with patented coupling modules to ensure proper attachment and easy adjustment and replacement. 

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