Awning for motorcaravans / motorhomes


When you’re on the road in your motorcaravan it’s important to be able to get from place to place quickly and smoothly. It’s also nice to have a little extra space in addition to the motorcaravan, where you can sit and enjoy the warm summer evenings. Ventura’s range of awnings, specially designed for use on motorcaravans, are quick to put up and take down and when the motorcaravan is driven away the awning can remain standing and be closed up.

Expand your outdoor space

Our collection of awnings and accessories for motorhomes and campervans celebrates the great outdoors. It brings you closer to nature and gives you the space to slow down and relax.

Choosing one of our campervan or motorhome awnings gives you an extra outdoor space. An outdoor space where you can start and end your day in the great outdoors – but where you can still find shade and shelter.

The design of the collection recognises that you are on the move – heading for new experiences. The awnings and accessories are made of lightweight materials that are easy to put up and take down again. If you need to set up camp, you can also close up the awning and leave it behind, still standing, while you drive off and explore the world in your campervan.

The design is simple and Scandinavian with clear references to Nordic scenery and the authentic camping lifestyle.